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Kaleido Kollection


Hours: By Appointment

Phone: 0450 090 529
Mobile: 0450 090 529


We LOVE our homes and have a passion for embellishing them with up to date décor items. We stock colourful and modern items including trendy clocks, bright and natural cushions, lanterns, creative tableware and lots of other bespoke items that are not only quality but also affordable for everyone.
Your little ones are special so we have sourced stylish, gorgeous and designer items , without the designer price tag, that you will fall in love with! Not only adorable but because they are not ‘mass produced’ we ensure only small quantities of each item making them extra unique! We also stock a vast range of decor pieces to create a space to make cherished memories for years to come.
We strive to bring you the latest of fashions in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, accessories and even travel necessities that are will suit just about any style and occasion. Once again we won’t have lots of the one piece so you won’t see everyone with the same item!

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