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Hamilton Island Endurance Series - Fujifilm Hamilton Island Triathlon

Hamilton Island Endurance Series - Fujifilm Hamilton Island Triathlon

Date: 11 November

At Hamilton Island Hamilton Island



Pristine white beaches. Crystal clear waters. A breathtaking mountainous interior. Hamilton Island is best known as a place to relax. But it is also the perfect place to push yourself in paradise. The Hamilton Island Endurance series spans four endurance events. The Stamford Financial Hamilton Hilly Half Marathon, Great Whitehaven Beach Run, Fujifilm Hamilton Island Triathlon and Fujifilm Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swim will test athletes on every level. Do them all or just do one. Race Hard. Recover Harder. Take on the ultimate test of endurance in the ultimate location, with the Fujifilm Hamilton Island Triathlon. This rewarding event includes a 750 metre swim in Catseye Bay, a 20 kilometre ride around the island and airport runway, plus a five kilometre run through the marina and resort side.

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