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Welcome to Bowen, North Queensland

It is with great pleasure that we welcome visitors and new residents to Bowen, Collinsville and the surrounding area.

You will find that there is something for everyone in our beautiful region. You can visit one of our many award winning beaches; Horseshoe Bay has some wonderful snorkelling which you can access by walking straight off the beach. There are also a number of walks you can do in and around bush and parkland areas, which will take you up to some of the most amazing lookouts. Our most popular lookout is on top of Flagstaff Hill which will give you a 360 degree view of Bowen and out to the top of the Whitsunday Islands.

Bowen has a very rich and interesting history, which has been depicted in more than 25 murals painted on walls throughout the town. You can also visit the Bowen Historical Museum which has been labelled one of the best regional museums in the state. Bowen is very well known for its diverse industries: mining, fishing and agriculture. Farmers grow a variety of fruit and vegetables throughout the year- they call Bowen the salad bowl of Australia for a reason!

Bowen is most famous for the Kensington Pride mango or commonly known as the ‘Bowen Special’. Bowen’s BIG MANGO structure was erected on the 25th of May 2002 as part of a successful community campaign to revitalise the local community and boost tourism.

In early 2014 the big mango was involved in a heist where it mysteriously disappeared overnight. The news of the ‘missing mango’ made global headlines within hours. It was mentioned in the 3149 media reports reaching over 25 million people worldwide, with a total public relations value of nearly 13 million dollars. It was later revealed the popular restaurant chain Nandos was responsible for the stunt, in light of promoting their new mango and lime flavour. The stunt put Bowen back on the map to tourists not only from Australia, but worldwide.

Enjoy your time in our lovely towns and remember, if you need more information please visit our information centres!

Click here for the Bowen and Collinsville Tourist Guide

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We are now stocking Semi Dried Tomatoes and Vegetable Antipasto Mix from the Bowen Tomato Co. at the Big Mango Info Centre!
Perfect for an afternoon snack or entertaining platter!
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