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Proserpine was named by the explorer George Dalrymple, after Persephone the Greek goddess of fertility, recognising the fertile qualities in the region. Since the late 1800s, cattle grazing and sugar cane have been the economic mainstays here. The eerie glow of cane field fires make a spectacular sight at night from late June onwards.

Although it has many modern facilities (including a hospital, schools, library and sporting facilities), the town's Main Street is a reminder of how life used to be – particularly the 'art deco' period evident in the shop architecture which has been well preserved. Old-fashioned courtesies still survive in Proserpine, particularly at many of the charming retail outlets and country-style hotels.

You will find an excellent counter lunch at any of the Main Street pubs and soon find yourself yarning with the locals.

There are pleasant picnic grounds at Pioneer Park near the town entrance, Mill Street Park and the Cultural Centre. The bus stop for Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour is at the Mill Street Park which has an enormous historical shady fig tree. Rotary Park in Faust Street has a childrens playground.

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"Great bakery"

5/5 Excellent Reviewed 11 days ago

"I always say you can tell a great bakery by the crowd.Beautiful coffee pies sausage rolls and quiches. And not expensive" more »



5/5 Excellent Reviewed 1 month ago

"Prossy pies have an amazing range of pies,cakes,tea and coffee. I enjoyed a pie and found thier pastry to be one of the best i have found on the east coast, thier fillings are ver plentiful and..." more »


"Fantastic food and service"

5/5 Excellent Reviewed 4 months ago

"This is not just a pie shop bakery .. it is a wonderful pie shop and bakery We needed to get Apple Charlottes but they do not bake these every day.. we asked for 4 and they specially made them for..." more »

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