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Every year, during winter, the day time tides are low enough for a very special event - Bowen's Walk to the Lighthouse.


The History...

Situated less than one kilometre from the Bowen mainland, at the entrance to Port Dension is North Head Island and home to one of Queensland's oldest lighthouses. Port Denison was the first port established in North Queensland, with Bowen officially proclaimed on the 11th of April 1861. Supporting the pastoral acitivity to the North and West, Bowen grew to become a major administrative and commercial centre in the North. Years later the town was eclipsed by Townsville, but remained an important port for the region, exporting beef, coal and salt to the South.

Built in 1866 this six sided wooden tower lighthouse protected ships entering the busy port between Middle, Stone and Gloucester Islands. The lighthouse was home to a family for a short period of time - the children enjoying a daily canoe to the mainland for school! However through most of it life the lighthouse was maintained by the port's pilot boat crew.

The North Head Lighthouse was extinguished in 1985 and the original lens shifted to the Bowen Historical Museum. When visiting Bowen be sure to drop into the museum - there is an extraordinary collection of historical memorabilia manned by a dedicated and knowledgeable group of volunteers.

In 2017 the North Head Lighthouse was restored by community groups, ensuring this important and eye-catching landmark is maintained for future generations.

The Walk...

The annual community Walk to the Lighthouse celebrates the rich history of Bowen as the oldest town in the North, the town's connection to a maritime past and the rich sea life that calls Port Dension and Edgecumbe Bay home.

Upon departing the mainland, Lighthouse walkers follow an exposed sand spit in a curving path towards the North Head Island. If you're a first-time walker beware! Your feet will get a little wet and we suggest wearing reef boots or old sneakers! We'd suggest following the first groups to leave the mainland - chances are they are local and know the way well.

As you make your way to the half-way point - keeps your eyes down and you'll get a surprise! Very quickly you'll notice many giant red starfish dotting the sandy shallows! Keep an eye out also for sea cucumbers - they get pretty big in Bowen! Feather stars will astonish you as they uncurl and crawl away. Every now and again have a glance out into the deeper water - chances are you'll spot a green sea turtle checking you out. Away to the North and Houlbourne Island you might be lucky enough to spot a whale breaching too!

When you reach the North Head Island it is a short climb to the peak and the Lighthouse. You can look back towards Bowen and the hinterland framing the view - or turn your gaze South East and towards the magnificent Gloucester Island. When you return to the mainland - head up to Flagstaff Hill and watch the sun set over Bowen - you might be lucky enough to see the panes of glass in the Lighthouse catch the setting rays and cast a light back across the water in a gorgeous recollection of its past. 


When, Where & How...

In 2018 there are several opportunities to Walk to the Lighthouse! We'd highly suggest joining the walk on Saturday August 11 as the timing is perfect! We will also have a local boat operator on hand for anyone that doesn't make it back! Following the Walk on August 11th we encourage you to stay to watch the sunset and enjoy a drink, cheese platters and easy listening live music. North Head and the more distance Gloucester Island change colour as the sun descends in the hinterland, glowing pinks and purples.

The 2018 Walk to the Lighthouse wouldn't be possible without the support of local Bowen businesses and community groups. Big thanks goes out to the Grand View Hotel, Meraki Whitsundays, Whitsunday Paradise Explorer, Bowen Industrial Hire and the Bowen Seagulls Junior Rugby League.

Other opportunities to walk out require visitors to ensure they allow enough time to return to the mainland unassisted.

To join the walk head to Dalrymple Point prior to the suggested walk time. There is ample car parking for all. We'd suggest taking water, wearing sunscreen and sunglasses, and a light jacket of there is a breeze. A camera is a must, along with appropriate footwear!

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Thurs 12th

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Fri 13th (new moon)

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Sat 14th

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