Bowen - Top of the Whitsundays
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Bowen is one of the few places on the Queensland coast where you can walk off the beach and head underwater to see living reef. Bowen has some of the best fringing coral in Queensland just metres from the sandy shores. Snorkellers will be amazed at the abundance of marine life just waiting to be discovered.

Snorkelling in Bowen is as simple as hiring or bringing your own fins, snorkel and mask and walking straight off the beach.
High tide times allow snorkelers to explore up into the rocks and swim among the bountiful fish life at Horseshoe and Murray Bay. Low tide is best for viewing hard and soft corals along the left side of Rose Bay and across the entrance of Horseshoe Bay. Among the many species you are likely to encounter, expect to see large schools of brightly coloured parrot fish that are vital to a healthy coral ecosystem.


Snorkel equipment is available for a small hire fee from Horseshoe Bay Resort, or buy your own from one of the camping stores in town.

Scuba divers will not be disappointed either. Horseshoe, Rose and Murray Bays are the most popular for diving from the mainland, where the depths are only six to seven metres.

A WW2 landing craft (the Barge) lies about 18 metres underwater off Queens Beach, and makes for an interesting dive. Holbourne and Middle Islands are two of the most popular offshore dive islands, and give you the opportunity to enjoy a day trip out on the water, on your own adventure.

If you are interested in scuba diving, are looking to venture out further for more depth or to find a wreck or two, you will need access to a boat and your own equipment. 




Bowen's Walk to the Lighthouse

Not into snorkeling or diving? Then the unique experience of truly 'walking' to the reef that is Bowen's Walk to the Lighthouse is your opportunity to get up close and personal to our amazing marine life.

The daytime low tides during Bowen's winter months offer visitors the opportunity to "Walk to the Lighthouse" from Dalrymple Point (2km from the main business centre) to North Head Island, approximately 1km offshore.

The North Head Lighthouse is one of the oldest in Queensland, and is connected to the mainland by a sand bar. While your feet may get a little wet (wear reef shoes!) you will be amazed by the abundance of sealife in the shallows.

You'll stroll past giant red starfish, watch green sea turtles dart away across the sea grass beds, and you may be suprised by feather stars uncurling and crawling away. Bowen's squirting sea cucumbers are a favourite with the kids! Keep an eye on the horizon, you may be suprised by a mermaid tail! Our local dugongs often make an appearance as they graze in the shallows.

Closer to the island explosed coral is visible on the low tides - but remember to look don't touch; not only can you run the risk of harming our marine environment, some of our sea buddies can also harm you. While getting a selfie with starfish is a lot of fun, just make sure it's on their level and leave them where they lie.


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