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Bowen Tourism & Business is a not-for-profit organisation; led by a board of elected committee members.

Our Board

Jenn Honnery - J&J Organic Pride (Chair)

Jonathan Freeman - Jayfresh Mangoes (Vice-Chair)

Trisha O'Sing - Luxe Fashion House (Treasurer)

Faraday Rosenberg - Yoga Faraday

Craig Witts - Queens Beach Tourist Village

Emily Harvey- Filbys Motors

Jackie Burling - Sky View Units

John Henderson - Whitsunday Paradise Explorer

Invited Representatives:

Cr Michael Brunker - Whitsunday Regional Council

Natassia Wheeler - Tourism Whitsundays

Mary Gordon - Bowen Chamber of Commerce

Our Staff

Christin Short – Corporate Services Coordinator

Mary Gallagher – Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Ellie Palmero – Sales Consultant

Ashleigh Foley – Sales Consultant

Glenn Womal - Sales Consultant

Juniors: Madison Miller, Zeline-de Clarke, Katie Phillips, Shelby Sanderson

Our volunteers

George Tracey, Marg Hurst, Lynn Rowan, Pam Skinner, George Tracey, Fran Mahy, Janice Germain, Cheryl Rose, Marie Bailey, Dave & Alison Carney, Marty Vanderwerff, Lorraine Rowan, Steve Fisher, Anne Mason, Vivian & Kevin Clark, Jane Seabourne & Ellie Sheffield.