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Why a Bowen Christmas in the Best Christmas

It's beginning to look like a beaut Bowen Christmas! The poincianas are in bloom, the mangos are ripening on the trees and the weather is warming up (cue tropical cocktails & icy cold beers!) We love our North Queensland take on Chrissy, and we reckon you will too – here's why we love a Bowen Christmas:

There's nothing like a beach for Christmas

Is there anything more Aussie than heading to the beach on Christmas day? In Bowen, the only problem you’ll have is working out which one to head to!

Present ideas are sorted

If you choose Bowen as the location for your Christmas getaway, the presents are super simple! Think:



Good old-fashioned Christmas goodies

We love a small-town shopping spree! Local crafted gifts, delicious local hams and we can’t not have a Bowen Christmas without one of the local famous Christmas puds from Jochheims bakery!

Even better, make sure you hit up the local Street Fair to get all your local goodies in one go!

Mango time!

If you haven’t experienced the joy that is a big tray of juicy ripe mangoes sitting on the kitchen bench at Christmas, you haven’t lived! There’s no way to describe the amazing smell of ripe mango, the pleasure of tucking into a juicy hedgehog for breakfast (that’s the way you cut a mango, not a small animal!) or the scrummy yummy deliciousness of mango on top of the pavlova!

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