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Bowen Tourism Writing Competition Winner's 2022

Congratultions to the winner's of Bowen State High School's - Bowen Tourism writing competition.  Year 7 students could submit their entries in 4 different categories.  This was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Bowen State High School and introduce students into the various ways that we promote Bowen as a tourist destination. Here are the winning entries...

bshs web tourism comp 2022

Category 1 - Create a headline for a billboard.  Written by Hugo Williams

Bowen! Capture the most extraordinary moments in life, HERE! Visit Now!  

Category 2 - Create a caption for a photograph (single sentence)  Written by Violet Andersen

The Murray Bay walking track will provide truly breathless views and an adventure for all!  

Category 3 - Create a caption for a photograph (paragraph)  Written by Sophie Brazil

Do you want to breathe in fresh air? Come to Rose Bay where there is no filter required to take an amazing photo. This stunning location has a family friendly vibe. After a hard day of swimming you can relax in our seating and BBQ area. Come to Bowen fill your lungs with fresh air, feed your soul with life's simple pleasures and fill your heart with love.

Category 4 - Create a blog for why Bowen is the place to visit. Written by Mia Sanderson

What would you do if you got to visit paradise? Do you need a break from reality? Well, that's your cue to come to Bowen. Your heart will explode like fireworks when you see the picturesque places, amazing events and the exciting experiences. You can have it all just imagine! But why imagine when you can be in Bowen experienceing this once in a lifetime opportunity yourself?

Bowen has the most brilliant, beaming and balmy places on Earth. Horeseshoe Bay, Gray's Bay and Mother Beddock just to name a few. Bowen attracts thousands of tourists evry year coming to see what places Bowen has to offer. Horseshoe Bay and Gray's Bay have crystal clear water, stunning sunshine and silky sand that will sink between your toes. Feel the water lap against your body as you lay there in paradise. We can't forget Mother Beddock. It's awe-inspiring, sensational scenic views will make your heart sing with happiness.  Is that enough reasons to convinces you to come to Bowen?

Do you want to participate in some amazing events? Some of the best events are the Bowen Family Fishing Classic, the Bowen Show, lighthouse walks and the Don River Dash. The Bowen Family Fishing Classic is one of the bigget events in Bowen, because lots of tourists and locals come together every year to participate in the fun-filled fishing classic. The walk to the lighthouse happens every year between July and August, when the tide is low enough for people to walk from Dalrymple Point to North Head Island. Along the way you can stop to enjoy the marine life in their natural habitats. Last but not least is the Don River Dash, a fantastic and entertaining show to see. Why aren't you here yet? I know that you're holding back but why miss this opportunity?

Want to explore the best place ever? We have kayaking and other water sports, beaches to explore and plenty of fishing just for you. You will not believe it, but we have even more adventures to discover. From bushwalking, to snorkelling, Bowen has a million different experiences for every age.  And let's not forget about the food, we have amazing restaurants and cafes, Bowen's seafood is the best in North Queensland, coming fresh from the boat's and straight to your plate.

It is impossible to find a better place than Bowen, with it's picturesque beached and amazing adventures to be had. Bowen is the gem of North Queensland. There is so much to offer with entertaining events, beautiful places to visit and out of this world experiences. Come and visit this wonderful piece of paradisem the one and only place for you, We'll se you soon.



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