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Five family friendly hacks to beat holiday boredom

Hands up who has those golden memories of the family holiday on the beach – endless days of warm summer sun, splashing in the waves and making new friends in the campground? Bowen, at the Top of the Whitsundays, provides the perfect spot for the next generation looking to recapture those halcyon days with their own children.
But, there's a catch: although Mum and Dad are just happy to sit and 'chill' away from the hassle of modern life, we all know that your dream family getaway can dissolve quickly into the repeated mantra of 'what's there to do?!'.

Never fear, we've got our top 5 must-do go-to's, researched and at the ready, just in time for the school holidays!

1. Sandcastle competition

The humble sandcastle comp is guaranteed to satisfy both the creative and the competitive members of the family! All you'll need:
• A collection of containers & digging implements. Think outside the box here; you don't need fancy pails, utilise any plastic container you have on hand – cups, yoghurt containers, ice-cream tubs, the possibilities are endless! Just remember to dispose responsibly at the end of the day.
• A beach with good sand and plenty of shells, coral & other natural things for decoration. Bowen, at the Top of the Whitsundays, has a selection to choose from (eight in fact!) We recommend starting at ever popular Horseshoe Bay.
• A prize for the winner! You can't go past an ice-cream or thick shake from the beachfront café!

2. Visit the local museum

Rainy day or just over the sun and need some inside time? The local historical museum is a great place to spend a couple of hours learning more about the area and discovering the past. Bowen's Historical Museum has a plethora of hands on items – take a seat at the old school desks and imagine learning without a computer; or take a tour through the on-site Station Hut – relocated and recreated just as it was 100 years ago!
Pro Tip - Keep the kids engaged by holding a pop-quiz afterwards with some treats to hand out for correct (or creative) answers!

3. Feed the turtles & ducks

Mullers Lagoon started life as a swampy remanent of an ancient delta, but has been transformed into a beautiful botanic area home to over 160 species of native birds! As well as spotting some wildlife from the bird hide, littlies will love spotting and feeding the freshwater turtles and ducks that make this their home. Bring a picnic and make use of the playground and bbq areas.

4. Catch a fish


There's a certain amount of untempered joy that comes from the look on a child's face when they land their first fish, and that's easy to capture when you visit Bowen. There's some great places to chuck in a line – find a perch on the big rocky boulders that flank Grays Bay, straight of the beach at Queens Bay or prop up a perch on the Front Beach Jetty that stretches out into Port Denison. If you're in need of bait pop into the local seafood co-ops, and if the fishin' mission proves unsuccessful you can always return at the end of the day to pick up some fresh fish caught by the pros!

5. Go to the movies!

And not just any old movie theatre either, in Bowen you get to revisit the glory of the independent cinema, complete with art-deco stylings, friendly local service and oodles of film history! Bowen's Summergarden Theatre is truly a special place to 'catch a flick'; enjoy quality service as you order popcorn before being ushered to your seat by the owner himself, Mr Ben De Luca. Although Ben's been in the game since 1955 and the theatre has stood for 70 years, you'll still be treated to the latest family movies shown with modern technology.


So that golden family holiday isn't just a distance memory or dream. Rediscover a little piece of paradise at the Top of the Whitsundays. Laid back Bowen; with it's safe beaches, natural beauty and old-world charm is the place to be with the kids, the dog and the loved ones. There's plenty to do & see and plenty of options to keep everyone happy - and busy! Come and discover for yourself!

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