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Mangoes and More - Big Things Bowen Style

Wotif are celebrating their 18th Birthday in style by launching the hunt for the perfect location for Australia's next 'Big Thing'. Of course, Bowen certainly knows a thing or two about Big Things; after all we are the home to THE Big Mango (check out our entry on Wotif's top Big Thing List) but did you know about some of our other big things?

Let's count them down!

6: The Big 'little' Mango


That's right, one giant mango just wasn't enough for us! Following Nando's infamous mango heist in 2014 they gifted the people of Bowen with the 'little' mango – it now stands proudly on our foreshore marking the entrance to our jetty!

5: Our Big Boulder


Pendulously suspended from the high reaches of the Cape Edgecumbe Trail is the granite monolith that is 'Mother Beddock's Nose'. Locally referred to simply as Mother Beddock, the boulder earned it's moniker from it's resemblance (supposedly) to Mother Beddock's proboscis. Legend doesn't reveal how she felt about being the namesake! For intrepid trekkers the boulder marks the spot to take in the view, catch your breath and wonder at nature's beauty.

4: Our Big Starfish


Ok, while not actually a traditional 'big thing', we can't help but get excited about the very groovy Horned or Choc-chip Starfish. Measuring up to 30cm across they're an impressive size! You'll find these vibrant fellows hanging out in the shallows off Dalrymple Point and are a feature of our annual 'Walk to the Lighthouse'

3: The Big Watertanks


On entry into Bowen you can't help but notice our water tanks – smack bang in the middle of town and perched high on the hill they make the perfect canvas for our newest mural additions! Until recently our main water resevoir sported the iconic 'Bowenwood' signage, a nod to the filming of the Baz Luhrmann movie Australia in Bowen in 2007. With time and the elements taking their toll it was time for a freshen up - cue massive art time! The tanks now feature some of our favourite icons (look out for our other big things!) and amazing natural wonders. Keep an eye out while you're doing the scenic drive around town - there's a different scene on every side - or drive to the top for a closer look!

2: The Big Coral Trout

Jules Ingall Bowen May18


We're right on the ocean and that means one thing – seafood! Sustainable and family run fishing industries are a keystone of Bowen's history and community. Call in to Bauer's Seafood Company for your fresh seafood (chuck a prawn on a free beachside barbie!) or let them do the work – in house Bird's Fish Bar will cook you up a fish 'n chip feast to enjoy on their private deck overlooking the marina.

Photo credit: Jules Ingall

1: The Big Mango


Well of course we're going to top our list with our favourite giant fibreglass fruit – The Big Mango! Not only is it the best spot to grab that road-trip selfie, it's also home to a rockin' info centre! There's info for all of Queensland & all the best adventures in the Whitsundays PLUS you can't go past a famous icy cold locally made mango sorbet – yum yum!

Photo Credit: Ashleigh Bridget (The Sailing Yogi)

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