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Five stunning sunset spots to share with the one you love


1. Flagstaff Hill

Pick your sunset buddy because this is one wow of a sunset spot! Elevated 360-degree views stretch from the top of Flagstaff Hill, encompassing the wetlands, expanse of windswept King's Beach, offshore islands and rich farming lands inland of Bowen. Just perfect for relaxed romance – grab that takeaway and front row seats for a view made for love. As the sun settles over distant Roma Peak and the Clarke range watch the golden light settle upon Port Denison and Bowen Marina. As the stars start their dance across the sky turn around to catch gorgeous pastel hues as night descends over the Whitsunday waters and Gloucester Island. BLISS.

Best for: no fuss dates

Bring: your date + takeaway or...

Followed by..... Fish & Chips from the Bowen Marina


2. Mother Beddock

Looking for an epic backdrop perfect for making a connection with a special someone? The Cape Edgecumbe trail is guaranteed to take their breath away in more ways than one! The hike to Mother Beddock will reward fit romantics with a natural setting and a dramatic sunset view. Take in the sites along the track and then catch your breath at the view point – the perfect spot for getting to know more about each other or having that heart to heart. Pro tip: don't become too absorbed in each other; if you leave it too late to make the return journey you will need a torch.

Best for: Outdoors adventurers

Bring: your camera to capture the moment

Followed by.... Spice things up with some tasty Indian takeaway at one of our beachfront parks


3. Grays Bay

In Queensland it can be tricky to find a spot where the sun sinks over the water as our view to the west is dominated by the mighty Great Dividing Range. Find a patch of sand or float in the water at Grays Bay on sunset however and you'll get the best of both worlds! The last rays of the day will be reflected on the water of the protected bay as the sun sinks below distant mountain ranges!

Best for: Swimming together at sunset

Bring: a beach towel to share

Followed by... sunset Asian dining overlooking the Bay


4. Bowen's Historic Jetty

Bowen's jetty has been around for a while – more than 150 years to be exact – and we're willing to bet it's seen its share of tender moments. It's a great place to take a leisurely stroll after a big day of lazing on the beach, plus there's always the chance of spotting a Green Sea Turtle!

It's all access too – with level surface along the entire 700m length it's an easy stroll suitable for all abilities and ages.

Best for: spotting turtles and stealing kisses

Bring: someone to hold hands with

Followed by.... Relaxed but romantic dinner for two in an award winning QLD country hotel


5. Queens Beach

5 km of golden sand to stroll along hand in hand watching the last rays of the day sink over the distance hills. Just like a scene from a movie you can expect mango-toned skies to sweep over head while the gently caressing waves sigh in the background. There's plenty of room for taking time, making plans or reminiscing. Ok, we admit we're getting a little carried away, but when the setting is this good you can't blame us! We think beach walks are the best thing for getting in some quality time; add an amazing sunset and it's the perfect for lovers.

Best for: sunset strolls

Bring: everyone you love! Let the kids & the dog run ahead while you and your partner spend some quality time together.

Followed by.... Al fresco dining under the stars at one of Australian's favourite beaches.


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