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Stay Cool on Holidays - Our 3-Step Plan to Beat the Heat!


It's summer in North Queensland - and that means one thing: It's warm!

And although that amazing tropical clime is one of the reasons you'll want to #visitbowen, there are some days when you'll find yourself feeling hot and searching for the best way to cool down at the Top of the Whitundays.

Here's our three step plan of hot (pardon the pun) tips to survive a summer day:

Step 1: Hit the beach

We've got 8 of them, so you won't have to go far! We recommend packing some cool drinks, slip, slop, slapping and making your way post haste to the nearest one. Find a shady spot under the palms or casuarina trees, or bring your own - a beach umbrella or pop up beach shade is a great portable haven from the summer sun. Other must pack essentials:

  • tropical fruit - grab a selection of our famous mango and your fave fruity flavours, cut 'em up and pack them on ice, or treat yourself to a spread from the beachfront cafe. Perfect post-swim refueling!

  • snorkel gear - the fringing reef is right off the shore! It's the easiest way to see the reef, and if you don't have your own kit you can hire from Horseshoe Bay Resort for next to nix!

  • stinger suit - summer in north Australia means there is an increased risk of dangerous marine stingers and you don't want to spoil your holiday fun with an unscheduled trip to the hospital! The best way to stay protected is to don a stinger suit and rock that superhero look! Bonus: the all over suit also helps protect you from the sun -  #winning!


Step 2: Catch a movie

It's a tried and true hideaway from the heat - air con, pop corn and the latest movie makes the perfect hideaway from the summer sun. And in Bowen movie-going isn't just your run of the mill cinema experience - Bowen's Summergarden Theatre is the longest running cinema in Queensland and is an icon all on it's own. Built in 1948 and capturing art-deco California cool style it's the perfect place to escape the sun.

Step 3: Head to the pub

It's important to hydrate in the heat after all! It's hard to beat a tropical arvo enjoying a coldie in an iconic Aussie pub. Meet the locals while you cool off at the bar, or relax with the family in the beer garden for dinner while you plan your next day's adventures in the Whitsundays!


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