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Our Five Fave Things About Bowen's Horseshoe Bay

There's nothing like a local's perspective on the top spots to visit! So we got our collective heads together and compiled our insider's Top 5 reasons that Bowen's Horseshoe Bay should be at the Top of everyone's Bests Beaches List!

WARNING: images in this article are ridiculously good-looking and will lead to serious envy and immediate holiday planning.

1. Smell the serenity

Modern living = hustle bustle 24/7. Let's face it, sometimes you just need to get away and take some time for yourself. There's just something special about Horseshoe Bay that is more than the peace and tranquility of the softly moving waves and that secluded feeling. Visit at sunrise for an extra special zen moment.


2. 10 kicks to discover the reef

Pull up in the car, jump out, grab towel, grab goggles, take 10 steps into the underwater world (no boat needed!)

Yep, it really is that simple! Horseshoe Bay has fringing reef mere metres from the shoreline and is perfect for exploring the reef from the mainland.


3. That view 

Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. No explanation needed really!


4. Those rock formations

We love a bit of wonder - like, we wonder how they got there? And we wonder what's just over that boulder? Perfect for exploring and for keeping the kids busy for hours or simply for wondering at while you soak in that turquoise water.


5. A spot for everyone

Take your pick! Find a spot behind a rock = secluded beach. Sit smack bang in the middle of the beach and you still don’t feel crowded. All you need now is a good book and your beach heaven is complete!


Lucky for us Horseshoe Bay is just one of Bowen's amazing beaches - #visitbowen and discover the rest!

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