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Wet Weather Whitsundays Fun!

Queensland is a diverse and wonderful natural wonderland, with off-shore islands, miles of gorgeous coastline, forests, rivers, dams and waterfalls. But all that 'nature' is of course subject to Mother Nature herself.

Sometimes, despite the best laid plans, your holiday in paradise can go from sunny beaches to tropical downpours -not quite what the brochure advertised! That doesn't mean you have to scrap your holiday and sit around in your tent / cabin / hotel room staring at the walls. There's plenty of fun indoor - and outdoor - activities to enjoy in the Whitsundays when it rains.

Wet weather activity checklist:

Indoor fun:

  • Go to the movies: Bowen's Summergarden Theatre shows current movies with modern technology in a very funky art-deco inspired cinema.

  • Check out the local history: A visit to the local Bowen Historical Museum is the place to be on a rainy day – discover the region's rich industrial and cultural history with a treasure trove of displays.

  • Get snapping: cloudy days can make for some seriously beautiful photos. Pro-tip: if the sun is peeping out at the end of the day, head to the beach for a glorious sunset shot reflected in the clouds!

  • Do a road-trip: Explore the region – The Whitsundays Region is great to explore: Airlie Beach & Proserpine, Conway Beach and Cedar Ck Falls in the South, Bowen at the Top and Collinsville to the west. Just make sure to check road conditions  before you head out. 

  • Delight in the tastes of the region: there's a host of great places to dine, or while away the arvo in a quintessential Aussie pub (make sure you have a sober bob!)


Go play outside:

Thankfully for us, our rain is nice and warm - no icy showers here in North Queensland! So there's no reason not to get out and explore outdoors. 

  • Walking through the bush serenaded by a happy chorus of frogs? Yes please!

  • Swimming in the rain? You're already wet!

  • Don't miss out on that Whitsunday day trip either - we know from first hand experience that a wet Whitsundays trip is still amazing. (Pro tip - the dark clouds contrast amazingly with Whitehaven's sparkling white sand for the most stunningly unique instagram photos)


Plan our adventures:

Visit the Big Mango Visitor Information Centre or give them a call on (07) 4786 4222: Come and have a chat to the staff and volunteers for some more wet weather ideas; if you're travelling they have all the information – guides, maps and first-hand experience – to plan your journey and can update on the latest warnings and forecasts. If there is a severe weather event forecast for your destination, they can help you research alternatives.

Lastly, as strange as it may seem, don't forget that all that torrential rain is part of the natural cycle of the Northern Australian environent. It makes the bush come alive, sustains our landscape and is even vital to reef health - without it, the Whitsundays wouldn't be any where near as beautiful as it is. That's the perfect excuse for a happy rain dance!


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